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Maples- Geometry in Winter Article written by Joanne V. Coley

Article written by Joanne V. Coley

If you’re near Seattle or headed that way and you enjoy art then you’ve got to visit the ChocMo Bistro Gallery in Poulsbo, Washington.

The gallery is a must see that features groundbreaking works by local Kitsap County artist Gwen Guidici, a Bremerton, Wash., native.

Guidici’s work, “Maples-Geometry in Winter,” will be exhibited at the ChocMo Bistro Gallery throughout March and April.

Guidici is known for creating works that explore the realm between science, spirituality, mathematics, and nature.  She is inspired by patterns found in the natural world.  She creates art by using a variety of media including oil, pastel, acrylic, ink, and gouache (a way of painting with opaque colors ground in water and mixed with a preparation of gum).

On the north border of the artist’s property are a series of maples trees that inspired her present exhibit.  Her drawings are original.  She creates them with permanent ink, then scans them into a computer and processes.  Each drawing is made with archival ink, then printed, and matted with acid free materials.

“I want people to see that there is beauty throughout every season and to invoke people to see the natural world around them with new wonders and possibilities,” Guidici said.  The “Maples- Geometry in Winter” exhibit is a series of abstract and impressionistic drawings of maple trees in winter.

“With the exception of only a few years, I have always had maples trees surrounding my home.” Guidici said.  “I can remember as a child looking up through the leaves in spring and reveling in the green and sunlight. When I would look up through the trees during the winter skies, I saw triangles and rectangles and the crisscross of bare branches, and the dancing of the branches reminding me of a winter symphony.”

Guidici has had numerous Washington exhibits and her work can be found in private collections, throughout the Unites States, France, Germany, and in public collections in Montana, and Washington.

Bistro owners will host a reception for the “Maples- Geometry in Winter” exhibit on March 18th from 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m.

This Bistro is home to a thriving and growing arts scene in Kitsap County, and these colorful and indigenous art pieces by Gwen Guidici, remind all of us that there’s beauty in nature, the skies and empty trees, right outside our back door.

Poulsbo is located about 20 miles northwest from Seattle, across the Bainbridge Island bridge.

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