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Interactive Art Show

 “Confession / Manumission : Enervating Fear” opened in downtown Bremerton March 2, 2018. 

    This show had been developing over the past 10 years.  The idea began after I had created a set of paintings exploring some of my fears.  Over time I came to realize that confessing my fear, verbally or visually, was a step toward freeing me from that captivity.  I continue to use art as a therapeutic expression.

“Fear of Dogs”During the show I invited viewers to participate by writing down some of their own fears. 

This is some of what was shared:

I am afraid of  earthquakes    poor health   not doing my best    heights    disappointing someone I love   being embarrassed


The show write up:

       Confession / kən-ˈfe-shən / the act of telling people something that makes you embarrassed, ashamed, etc.
       Manumission / manˌyo̅omishˈən / a setting free from slavery; liberation; emancipation
       Enervate / i-ˈnər-vət / to lessen the vitality or strength of

Fear can lead us to live restricted lives, constantly on guard, watching for and making plans to avoid situations that cause discomfort. In my own personal life I have found that naming my fear aloud, confessing, is the first step toward being freed from slavery to it.

Gwen Fitzwater Guidici, a PNW native, often creates art that explores the intersection of science and emotion, the psyche and the intellect. Her most recent work focuses on using art as a means of therapeutic expression.







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