skywater art

Wanderings Statement

As an artist I am drawn, pulled, inspired to create
by the things I see or feel, by events in my life
my current station
It can be a road trip to see waterfalls
Or lights at night
Or maple trees and geometric sky spaces
Wondering about eternity
Wondering what's inside an atom between the quarks
Numbers and patterns, hexadecimal fraction equivalents
And sometimes the inspiration to create is nearly smothered by the work it takes to simply keep on living
That's where the Wanderings series began
Too exhausted to do much more than pick up a pen and make marks on paper
Emotionally worn
Physically in pain
Needing a place to mentally escape, to find some little piece of solid ground 
to begin once again to stand and ready myself for the next round
The 194 drawings in the Wandering series were created while serving as a caregiver for my father during the last three years of his life. 
He died of metastatic prostate cancer on September 6, 2015.


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