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About Gwen

Artist Statement

The first time I got in trouble in elementary school was for hoarding classroom crayons. Not all the crayons, just specific colors. 

By age 17 after studying painting, drawing, pottery and printmaking I had won best HS artist award, a library purchase award, and had sold my first painting. No doubt I still hoarded art supplies.

I’m the middle child of three sisters, my father worked in the shipyard and my mother was a secretary. Every summer we would take our little trailer and camp on a riverbank in the Olympic mountains. I fell in love with the colors of the river.


A lifelong musician and visual artist, Gwen earned her BA in Interdisciplinary Studies from George Fox College. Her  elective coursework included art, music, science,  mathematics, religion and philosophy. 


Gwen works primarily in oils and is currently focusing on landscapes that contain both sky and water. She lives on a ridge in the Puget Sound area. Her studio overlooks the water, providing a near endless source of inspiration.

Gwen’s work is included in numerous public, as well as private collections throughout the United States and in Europe.

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